Sales and Marketing Promotion

When it comes to marketing and promotion, the strength of our portfolio often speaks for itself: Simply put, there’s no need for smoke and mirrors. All of the products we sell are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and safety. And when it comes to efficacy, it’s always and only “as advertised”.

Honest and clear communication are essential to our marketing and promotional campaigns. Our approach typically involves engaging with key opinion leaders, doctors, and/or relevant government officials; organizing conferences and workshops for select practitioners; making presentations to specific target groups drawn from the general public; and producing educational fliers and brochures for distribution at points of sale. All of our campaigns are tailored to communicate the unique strengths of each of the individual products in our portfolio.

Sales is essentially an extension of our marketing program, with experienced product managers pitching the products in our portfolio directly to decision makers in our network. The messages communicated by these field reps are developed by our marketing team, and every effort is made to ensure that these messages are compliant with relevant Pharma code rules governing sales and promotion.

In addition to the in-house staff who support our field reps, Medical Group maintains a roster of outside consultants consisting of doctors and pharmacists who advise us on medical issues related to the products we market and distribute.