Consulting/Advisory Services

MedicalGroup got its start assisting and supporting international organizations that established operations in Prishtina following the 1998-99 Kosovo war. Since then, we’ve been involved in many initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care and service delivery for Kosovo’s nearly two million inhabitants.

Market research, feasibility analysis and HR development are among the many consulting services that we provide for our clients. And, as might be expected with a company that specializes in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, much of our advisory work involves the analysis of epidemiological data; financial modelling (charting revenue streams across a portfolio of products, for instance); and support for clinical research tests and trials.

Some of the work we are most proud of relates to infrastructure and planning. For instance, we are at the moment assisting Kosovo’s Ministry of Health in an effort to expand the Orthopedic Clinic at the University Clinical Centre (UCC) in Prishtina, which will be financed with a “soft loan” arranged via an Austrian partner. We are also involved with efforts to strengthen services and technical capacity at clinics involved in delivery of Invasive Cardiology Services. Our involvement in these projects has helped improve our understanding of the benefits of public-private partnerships (PPPs), which we see playing a key role in the future development and modernization of Kosova’s health care services system.

MedicalGroup enjoys strong ties with a wide range of organizations from both the public and private sectors. Donors we have worked with in the past include the European Union, the World Bank, USAID, and UNICEF.